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We provide comprehensive services in the following areas:

     1. Revenues and expenditures register:
         » current recording of economic operations
         » examination of documents in respect of their formal and accounting aspects
         » keeping records of fixed assets and equipment items
         » preparation of monthly declarations concerning payment of Personal Income Tax From Natural Persons
            (PIT-5, PIT 5L)
     2. Recording Tax on Goods and Services:
         » recording invoices in purchase and delivery VAT registers
         » preparation of tax declarations on Goods and Services (VAT-7, VAT-7K, VAT-UE)
     3. Paying taxes in the form of a registered lump sum tax
     4. Paying taxes in the form of a tax card
     5. Preparation of reports required by the Central Statistical Office and other institutions (including quarterly          information submitted to banks)
     6. Annual tax declarations
     7. Assistance in starting and discontinuation of economic activity

     1. Preparation of monthly payrolls for employees hired on the basis of a contract of employment
     2. Preparation of monthly declarations concerning payment of the Personal Income Tax from Natural Persons          hired by the employer [PIT-4] and corresponding bank transfers of advance payments on account of this tax
     3. Calculation of monthly contributions for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), preparation of applicable          declarations and submitting them in the electronic form to ZUS as well as preparation of corresponding bank          transfers of the fees
     4. Preparation of applications for social and health insurance in case of taxpayers and employees subject to such          duties
     5. Preparation of bills against specific-task contracts and freelance contracts as well as obligatory tax and income          declarations
     6. Preparation at the end of every calendar year:
         » annual files of all employees in the form of computer printouts
         » information on the salaries paid out to employees and realized advance payments on account of their income             tax [PIT-11]
     7. Payroll accounting
     8. Calculation of remunerations
     9. Management of personnel and employee-related issues

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